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Institutions are the fastest-growing sector for hedge fund investment

"Institutional investors will continue to be major players in new assets moving into hedge funds, helping to drive an additional $50 billion to $60 billion in assets to the industry during the year."
- eVestment: 2016 Hedge Fund Industry Outlook, January 2016

"Institutional investors plan to raise allocations to alternative assets in 2017."
- Opalesque headline, February 2017

But do managers have what it takes to gain their attention?

“Many hedge fund presentations are too complex and confusing for trustees to understand."
- Dr Ros Altmann, CBE, UK Minister for Pensions, from her website

"Most investors remain below their long-term target allocation to alternatives . . . but . . . finding the true outperformers is a difficult prospect, particularly when . . . marketing documents . . . are not meeting their needs."
- Prequin survey, February 2017

I help managers build what it takes, then introduce them to my personal network of accredited investors, especially in the UK