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Institutions are the fastest-growing sector for hedge fund investment

"Investor inflows accelerate as hedge fund capital eclipses milestone."
- Hedge Fund Research, headline, January 2018

"Hedge fund industry assets to reach an all-time high in 2018 for 10th year in a row."
- Agecroft Partners, research paper headline, January 2018

But do managers have what it takes to gain their attention?

“Many hedge fund presentations are too complex and confusing for trustees to understand."
- Baroness Altmann, former UK Minister for Pensions, from her website

"Most investors remain below their long-term target allocation to alternatives . . . but . . . finding the true outperformers is a difficult prospect, particularly when . . . marketing documents . . . are not meeting their needs."
- Prequin survey, February 2017

I help managers build what it takes, then introduce them to my personal network of accredited investors, especially in the UK